The EU-TRIBE is a project managed by the House of Startups and supported by Luxembourg Ministry of the Greater Region.

It aims at creating synergies of 4 European markets, 5 regions within: Luxembourg, Rhineland Palatinate, Saarland, Lorraine, and Wallonia.

Currently at over 40 members, EU-TRIBE is the largest federator of innovation hubs in the Greater Region counting over 500 start-ups in its extended network. Want to join the Network?

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The goal of the project is to promote the innovation ecosystem of the Greater Region by:

  • bringing together our expertise
  • enabling access to resources
  • facilitating start-ups’ access to their neighbouring markets

The EU-TRIBE has initiated series of activities, works closely with its partners, and collaborates with different stakeholders of the Greater Region to reach the set objectives.

The long list of activities includes regional fairs/summit, cross-border workshop series, Greater Region pitching events, masterclass, best-practice sharing and matchmaking events.


Emilie Bechet
Corporate Innovation Coordinator
Phone : +352 28 81 00 01

House of Startups
Opening hours : Monday to Friday : 8:30 - 17:30
Tel : +352 28 81 00 01
Email : reception(at)host.lu

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